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I just wanted to say that your wonderful product finally arrived in New Zealand with no problems. I used it yesterday yesterday on my Shahinian speakers that got water damaged and had been like it for a few years!! I am totally blown away with what your product has done to the damaged wood on the speakers, they are not new but they are pretty close!!! I am most impressed, pleased I got a big bottle (still lots left) and well worth the wait while it came by sea. Thank you.

- Philip, New Zealand

"My wife, an experienced refinisher, was mightily impressed with the way Wood Elixir transformed the pieces we needed it for. So well pleased, in fact, that I had to visit Southworks again today, where I bought the last package of Elixir on display! Thanks."

~ Glen, ON

"I used my first order and I love this stuff. It even restored my kitchen cabinet where it was burned in a grease fire. Goes a long way. Thanks."

~ Eileen, TX

"This product does amazing things to furniture, I am impressed."

~ Helen, ON

I received my bottle of Wood Elixer a few days ago and was able to use it yesterday on a few pieces of very old and very dry antique furniture. It works beautifully! I know I will be back for more. It is, by far, the best wood product I have every used and I have searched for years to find a really good product. Thanks so very much.

~ Rosalind B.

I am a return customer - your product is fantastic! I've been able to almost completely restore my great-great-great grandmother's fumed oak table and chairs thanks to you.

~ Elizabeth C.

I can't believe how well your stuff worked. Thanks.

~ William P.

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