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I learned of your products from a wood fixer / wood re-finisher friend a couple of years ago. I asked what his secret was that he used to bring "life" back to the wood - and he showed me your product. Then I got to see it work right before my eyes!

That was a few years ago - and now my sister and I own and run a furniture consignment store. As we would get product in - new, old and everything in between - I found that mere dusting was just not getting the job done. Then I remembered your product - ordered some and have been bringing the "life" back to these wonderful pieces ever since!

It is not only the self-satisfaction that I get in seeing the transformation of the before & after - but, we are able to see our product for its true value. I tell all of our customers about your product ...

~ Joyce H.

Two years ago I purchased a mahogany chest for my bedroom at an antique store. The owner of the store had your product and recommended it for bringing the finish back up on the antique. It was excellent.

A few months later I had a dinner party and my antique refinished mahogany dining room table had heat damage. I almost died and was in tears. I poured your Elixir on my table and it removed the heat mark.

When I ran out of your product I attempted to locate it but the original antique store I went to was no longer in business. We drove to St. Thomas in an attempt to get more of your product. We were sold something else that did not work. Finding your site on the internet is a god-send as I love it. I'm ordering enough to last me a while. Many thanks.

~ Stella P.

Earlier today, I used the Wood Elixir and it is just wonderful - thank you. I had an old Welsh dresser of my mother's which I was always thinking I would need to get repolished - but not now. You have given me a lot of work though - I am going around doing everything including those two new antiques I told you about (the Louis console table with carvings and the leather top and a Sheridan revival sideboard).

I am thrilled with the results - it smells and looks like a mixture that I was using, but this is so much better.

~ Judyth S.

"Received Dr. Woodwell as a gift last year. Hesitated to use it but WOW what a product. Best restorer I've ever used."

~ Michael

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Wood Elixir

Video: Tips for Using Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir™

For a really stubborn problem, should I apply more Wood Elixir or leave it on longer?

Two light applications will often work better than one heavy application. And, most stubborn finish problems can be solved by using Wood Elixir with 0000 (finishing grade) steel wool and rubbing gently in the direction of the grain. (If you have a high gloss finish, you will want to avoid using any abrasive - even the finest grade of steel wool will leave noticeable scratches on a high gloss finish.)

Wood Elixir only needs 10-15 minutes to allow it to penetrate the existing finish, but should not be left on for longer than 1 hour to prevent the nourishing oils from beginning to get "gummy". Simply wipe off with a clean cloth then buff until the surface is dry to the touch; apply a second treatment if necessary. Wood Elixir will continue to cure over a 24 hour period after use.

It looks like Wood Elixir made the stain worse ... what should I do?

That's actually a good sign! Sometimes, especially with heat blush, the first application will make the white haze appear to have spread. This shows that Wood Elixir is able to penetrate your finish, and one or two additional, generous applications should finish the job.

We often recommend customers pour a quarter-sized drop of Wood Elixir in the middle of the stain/mark/haze before treating the entire area. Simply allow Wood Elixir to sit for 15 minutes, then wipe off and buff with a clean cloth. You should see the edges between the original mark, and where the Wood Elixir was poured. Depending on whether the stain was removed or lightened will indicate whether or not you may need additional applications of Wood Elixir to completely remove the mark.

Can I apply a finish over top of a piece of furniture that has been treated with Wood Elixir?

Wood Elixir restores the original finish, so in most cases there is no need to apply a new finish over top of the existing, restored finish.

In cases of severe damage beyond the finish (i.e. where the color of the wood itself has been affected) and/or beyond the capabilities of Wood Elixir, then refinishing is usually the only option left.

Can I apply a wax or polish after using Wood Elixir?

Yes, a good quality wax (such as any wax containing carnuba) can be used to enhance the sheen of, and offer additional protection to, your furniture after Wood Elixir has had at least 24 hours to cure.

What types of damage can Wood Elixir not solve?

Wood Elixir is formulated to clean and restore natural wood finishes (lacquer, shellac or varnish).

Damage that has affected the color of the wood, such as dark water rings or bleaching from exposure to sunlight, cannot be restored with any treatment applied to the finish (they can be covered up with tinted, cosmetic treatments but the results are temporary).

On synthetic finishes (such as polyurethane), Wood Elixir will not be able to penetrate or reactivate the finish, but will still work as a powerful surface cleaner.

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Ordering Wood Elixir

Video: Common Pre-Order Questions

I'm sensitive to odor ... what does Wood Elixir smell like?

Wood Elixir has a unique solvent odor. We recommend using Wood Elixir in a well-ventilated area, and laying the used rags flat to dry outside.

There is no lingering odor left on your furniture once Wood Elixir has had an opportunity to cure completely (approximately 24 hours).

How long does it take for my order to be received?

Orders are usually shipped within 1 business day.

In the US, orders ship from Port Huron, MI by USPS Parcel Select service. Delivery can take 2-7 days. Multiple-piece orders are shipped by FedEx Ground to a business address.

In Canada, individual orders are shipped from St. Thomas, Ontario by Canada Post.

At present, we are unable to ship outside of the Continental United States and Canada.

Are there any additional taxes or duties?

Orders shipped to Canadian customers are subject to applicable GST/HST. There is no duty or sales tax applicable for orders shipped within the US.

Can I place an order by phone, or pay by check?

Yes! VISA and MasterCard are accepted for phone orders by calling 1-877-354-9748 during normal business hours.

To pay by check, please send us an email info [snail] drwoodwell [period] com -> mailto:info [snail] drwoodwell [period] com with your shipping address, and the items/quantities you wish to order. We will confirm the order total and provide payment instructions.

Do you have a guarantee?

Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir™ comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For online orders, shipping costs are excluded as is the value of any accessories if purchased in a kit.

Can I sell Wood Elixir in my store?

Woodwell Products has a Dealer Program for independent retailers.

Simply call 1-877-354-9748 to discuss adding Wood Elixir to your product mix, or click here to place your order online.

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