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Cleaning Finished Wood Surfaces with Wood Elixir

Cleaning Finished Wood Surfaces with Wood Elixir

Clean finished wood surfaces with Wood Elixir
Soot and grime cleaned off of a wooden box using Wood Elixir and steel wool. Click to enlarge

Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir is a unique formulation that cleans wood furniture while rejuvenating and enhancing all types of wood finishes - in one easy step. Wood Elixir solves cleaning problems such as removal of:

  • dirt
  • grime
  • mildew
  • grease
  • wax
  • dried-on food & beverage stains
  • sticky residues from tape or gummed labels
  • paint smears
  • paint or stain over-spray
  • chewing gum
  • lipstick
  • magic marker
  • grease pencil
  • crayon
  • lead pencil
  • ball-point pen ink

and so much more.

Wood Elixir can also be used to clean and protect painted surfaces, tin, leather, decals and transfers, wicker, rattan, brass, etc.

Wood Elixir can tackle the toughest cleaning challenges! In most cases, simply wipe on, wait a moment, then wipe off!

What sets Wood Elixir apart from other cleaners?

  • Powerful. While Wood Elixir is easy to use, it's also a professional-strength product. Think of Wood Elixir as "furniture medicine" ... often, a small dose is all that's required. But if the condition of your furniture finish is more serious, then Wood Elixir has the power to clean and restore it.
  • Economical. Only pennies worth of Wood Elixir is all that's usually required to clean away most problems!
  • Beneficial for Wood Finishes. Many cleaning products, even those that come to mind first when you think of furniture cleaning, are harmful to the finish of fine wood furniture and antiques. Wood Elixir imparts beneficial ingredients into the finish, strengthening it and helping protect against further damage.

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