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"I purchased your furniture Elixir to restore an old dresser I purchased some two years ago. The finish was dull and dirty, plus had some tiny scratches and nicks. The piece was restored and looks absolutely beautiful.

"We have some oak cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms that were hand made and are some 20 years old. These cabinets looked as though they needed to be refinished or replaced. I used your Elixir on these and they look good as new. My wife was really pleased with the final outcome."

~ Randolph, SC

"Was recommended by a furniture restorer. I have used it before and have never found anything that comes close to this fabulous product."

~ Toni, TN

"I must say I am beyond impressed. I had several old tables that no matter that I did they just looked awful. One treatment with your product and they look awesome and have stayed that way now for at least 3 weeks. I also used it on my dried out bookshelves and they now reflect light again!"

~ Pamela S.

My daughter and I have used your product which I found on the internet and were amazed at the results. She is now living in Japan and has restored several antique pieces with much success. As you see, I am ordering enough for my son, daughter, and myself. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

~ Dianne B.

I have used your product to help restore a 1918 vintage dining room set. It is wonderful!

~ Mary M.

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Wood Elixir is powerful "furniture medicine" ...
... professional strength, user friendly!

“Wipe on, wait, and wipe off" is all that's required to clean, protect, and restore the beauty and value of your wood and antique furniture.

Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir™ is a powerful cleaner and protector, but also solves many more serious furniture finish problems without the need for refinishing!

On any type of finish.

Dr. Woodwell's offers a simple yet powerful solution for cleaning and protecting wood furniture, including antiques, faux finishes, painted wood and combination materials (metal, wood, leather) - without hurting the finish.

Easy and inexpensive.

Quickly remove oily smudges, lipstick, candle wax, wax build-up, grease, gum, adhesives, pet “accidents", etc. You can also solve many "serious" furniture problems - smoke smell, heat blush, mold & mildew removal, paint splatters, white water marks, and dried-out finish - to name just a few - in one easy step!


Restore the original beauty of your antiques and wood furniture.

Even after investing in a professional refinishing job, the value of your antique furniture is often reduced since the original finish and patina is destroyed. Let Dr. Woodwell show you how to restore the original finish yourself - inexpensively - and in one easy step.

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